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Import 1,000,000+ Free Hosted Galleries (FHGs) from Adult Sponsors easily into WordPress

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Includes Responsive HTML5 (Bootstrap CSS Framework) WordPress Theme - Desktop / Tablet / Mobile Ready!

Fluid theme page layouts are a must these days with all the available devices and screen sizes. The AdultGallryPress WordPress theme is built on the popular Twitter Boostrap 3 CSS framework. This means no page redirects are necessary for the best user experience on any device. Extremely SEO Friendly!

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As Viewed on iPhone:
As Viewed on iPhone

Theme Customizer

Using the native WordPress Theme Customizer you can easily edit the colors of body text, backgrounds, links, tags, menu items of the header, content area, and sidebar.

Customize Theme From WordPress Admin

Traffic Trading Script Integration

Gallery thumbnails can be linked to a Traffic Trading script to help boost traffic.

Theme Options

From the WordPress admin, you can quickly change the content layout style, sidebar width and alignment (left or right of main content), gallery previews (thumbnails, titles) and gallery pages (of those self-hosted).

Theme Options

Custom Widgets & Widget Areas

The theme has 3 widget areas: header, sidebar and footer. Widget areas allow you to drag-and-drop elements such as advertisement blocks, galleries, lists, and forms into your site layout. AdultGalleryPress includes 2 custom widgets: Model List and Site List which are very useful to users for navigation.

FHG Importer

Includes WordPress Plugin to Bulk Import FHGs or Create New Galleries from ZIP files

Hundreds of Adult Sponsors (Affiliate Networks) offer Free Hosted Galleries with Photos and Videos for affiliates to use as promotional tools. AdultGalleryPress makes it amazingly easy to import these money-making galleries into your WordPress blog.

You can also create your own self-hosted galleries by uploading photos or videos in a zip file. Photo galleries use Lightbox2 or can be set to link directly to sponsor URL. Movie galleries use an embedded flowplayer for video files. Gallery pages show Related Galleries, Category, Site, Model and Tags.

Sample Self-Hosted Photo Gallery: View Live Demo
Sample Self-Hosted Movie Gallery: View Live Demo

Create Gallery from Zip

Plugin works with any WordPress Theme!

Choose from tens of thousands existing WordPress themes or add the plugin to your existing WordPress blog. The galleries are added as regular WordPress posts (i.e. Post Type).

Current Version: 1.1
Date Released: May 20, 2014
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